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Domestic Waste Water


Plastic chain scrapers (belt scrapers) - domestic/urban applications



Das DEWA® Räumersystem zeichnet sich besonders aus durch Langlebigkeit, Wartungsarmut und geringen Energieverbrauch.


Nachklärbecken mit 9 m Breite, Abwasser- verbandsanlage nahe Köln




Räumerneubau mit Tauchrohren und Bürsten




The DEWA® plastic chain scraper system that IED distributes is the most suitably adapted system for the continuous skimming of bottom and surface sludge in a domestic/urban, rectangular and industrial sedimentation tank.

The advantages of the DEWA® plastic chain scrapers lie mainly in the extremely durable, yet very light, plastic construction of the moving parts, wheels, chains and scraper blades, all of which require very low power input and have a low abrasion coefficient.

What is just as important for the stability and the durability of the system are the fixed parts and also those turning in the bearings, the guide rails and the spindles. In the case of the DEWA® scrapers, they are manufactured from stainless steel, the quality made to A2 or A4 standard, depending on what the customer wants

With our standardised system, we can supply trouble-free basins in widths of 0.6 to 12m and in lengths of up to 100m.
We have had a great deal of experience in supplying many such plants, all operating successfully.
The DEWA® scraper system stands out particularly due to its longevity, its minimal maintenance requirement and its low energy use.

What is important in order to ensure smooth and low maintenance operations over a longer period, is good planning and correct, error-free assembly of the system. This is guaranteed by the experience that we and our assembly team have gained with over 200 plants installed.

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