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Scum Scrapers


Flotation scrapers, fat and surface sludge scrapers (Flotation skimmers)


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Flotation scrapers, as well as surface sludge scrapers, are deployed in situations where the normal, four-spindle design scraper system will not suffice and where a scraper for the bottom sludge is not required.

Surface sludge in normal sedimentation tanks is scooped along by means of the same scraper blades as those that skim the bottom sludge, to the drainage section, usually a skimmer channel.

In the case of large quantities of surface sludge, for example in grease/fat separation or in flotation plants, it is very often important to remove the sludge without too much water with it. For this, one would use a flotation scraper.

These consist of a two-, or three-shaft DEWA belt scraper, which is installed above the water surface in such a way that the scraper blades extend sufficiently deeply into the water to ensure that they scoop along all the surface sludge, fat or floatation items and deposit them in the drainage channel.
This is often done with the aid of discharge plates.


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