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Sand and Grease Scraper Trap


Sand filter scrapers


Sandfangschildräumer mit Zwangsantrieb



Sandfangsaugräumer mit gummierten Antriebsrädern

In order to carry the sedimentous sand out of a tank (sand trap), one can use bridge scrapers with shields, as well as suction scrapers fitted with an air-lift pump or an immersion pump.

With sand filtering, the wastewater has to be freed of sand particles, since sand would cause problems in the later stages of the water cleansing cycle and is also abrasive.

The proven, functional sand filter shield scraper shifts the sand that has collected together on the bottom, to the trough sump, where the sand is carried away by means of sand transfer feed pumps.

The suction scraper continuously removes the sand that accumulates, from the bottom channel of the tank. This type of sand scraper can cope comfortably, without any problems, even with large quantities of accumulated sand.

Both types of scraper can be offered as either rail-free, with rubber-clad drive and guidance wheels, or as freely driven wheels, with rails and toothed rack. We recommend the use of 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel for parts that are above water, and 1.4571 (AISI 316ti) for parts that lie below the water level.


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