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Circular scrapers


Circular scrapers


Rundräumer mit Paddelwerk und Schaumunterdrückung für Schwimmschlamm und Schildräumung für Bodenschlamm



Rundräumer mit Schwimmschlammschild und seitlichem Schwimmschlammsammelkasten



Montage einer Räumervollbrücke mit Beruhigungsring

RCircular scrapers are used in sedimentation tanks that have horizontal throughput, especially in pre- and post-sedimentation.

Circular bridge scrapers, used as shield scrapers, serve to mechanically skim off bottom and surface sludge in the continuous operation of clarification tanks. The catwalk is furnished with a safety mesh device, as per the UVV (German Regulations for the Prevention of Industrial Accidents). Surface sludge skimming can take place in a number of different ways. Here, one should mention skimming by means of skimmer channels and a paddle. However, one can also carry out shield skimming, where a surface sludge collector bin with an approach ramp is firmly fitted to the outer wall of a round tank.

The entire electrical power supply and drive is installed inside a control cabinet. The option is available to run the scrapers in automatic or in manual mode.

Special models

The scrapers can be supplied to a number of special specifications, according to the customer’s wishes. Just to name a few here:

* • raisable/removable scraper shields
* • suction scraper
* • channel cleaning
* • Rail-track cleaning and/or defrosting
* • Special specification control cabinet
* • Choice of special materials

Built-in tank components

To continue, we can also supply additional built-in components for the tank, such as, for example:

* • Stirring ring
* • Clear water drainage channel, a weir, a scum baffle
* • special inlet flow features, such as lamellas, baffles, etc.

Choice of materials

We recommend the use of 1.4301 (AISI 304) stainless steel for parts that are above water, and 1.4571 (AISI 316ti) for parts that lie below the water level.


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