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Scraper Bridge


Bridge scraper


Zweiarmige Schildräumerbrücke als Gitterkon- struktion



Längsräumer über zwei Vorklärbecken (Zwillingsräumerbrücke)

A moving bridge construction over round or rectangular sedimentation tanks. Bridge scrapers are bridge constructions with scraper attachments that are necessary for discharging surface and bottom sludge.

In the case of round tanks, the bridges are mounted in the middle of the so-called pivot bearing. Depending on the tank diameter and the quantity of sludge, bridges (two-armed bridges), or half-bridge scrapers, are placed in position all the way across. The bottom sludge is mostly removed centrally, into the sludge trough. In some cases, suction scraper bridges are used, which continuously remove bottom sludge from all around the entire radius of the tank.

In the case of rectangular tanks, longitudinal bridge scrapers (scraper trolleys) run back and forth and carry the bottom sludge to the trough that lies below the inlet opening and the surface sludge over a ramp, into the surface sludge channel. In this context, one speaks of a discontinuous scraping process, since the scraper only scrapes in one single direction (either back, or forth).

Scrapers are offered in the form of solid wall profiles, blade profiles with railings, or as framework construction (lattice work).


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