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Our Flotation Systems

In many industrial branches the pressure-relief flotation technology proved itself as one of the most effective methods of wastewater treatment. In this technology, a mixture of air and water exposed to a high pressure generates fine bubbles at the inlet point. When passing upwards, the bubbles carry the dirt particles to the water surface. The K-Pack® flotation systems are especially efficient regarding bubble generation and transfer.

An extremely dense and homogeneous flow of the air bubbles makes it possible to achieve a nearly complete separation settling and filtreable substances at high phase boundary surfaces.

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Lamella Clarifiers and Oil Separators

Lamella clarifiers are designed for optimum separation of rising and settling components, e.g. oils, fibers, starch and grit from the water and wastewater. The Inlet is designed so that a laminar and uniform flow is ensured in the separator. The dense lamellas, through which the medium flows co-currently, counter-currently or cross-currently, allows an optimal separation of water, oils and suspended substances. The substance passes by the plates downwards and falls into the underlying sludge hopper and get concentrated there. Removal is done via flaps (optionally, with a discharging screw conveyor). The rising oils are removed via a skim gutter (optionally, with a skimmer).